Family Updates

I just realized I haven’t posted any family updates in a while … so here goes!

Zachary is a turd.  Seriously.  He’s just barely eight months old and he has been walking for almost a month now.  We did not encourage this at all, and yet it still happened!  Now, he’s climbing the stairs!!!  He’ll go all the way up them if we let him!  He’s even trying to run now, but it’s not working out too well … yet.  His favorite thing to say is ‘daddy.’  We’re not sure if he knows what it means or that he’s even saying it on purpose, but he says it all the time.  That kid is waaaaay ahead of schedule!

Noah (three and a half year old) is doing great as well.  He’s a lego building machine, and talking more and more.  I got a kick out of it; yesterday we were at a birthday party and there was a guy in a Darth Vader costume.  Like the real deal kind of a costume.  I was worried Noah would freak out … but he was like, ‘awesome!  Dat’s Dart Bay-der!’  My kids are strong in the ways of the force.

Caleb is loving preschool and making some great friends.  He’s five and a half now, learning to write, and trying to figure out how math works.  At the moment he’s helping his grandma make some desert for Easter dinner.  He loves making stuff, whether crafts, food or whatever.  He’s also got a notebook that he is filling up with letters, numbers and drawings.  He likes to write notes for us telling us he loves us.  Cute!

Micah is seven and a half and rapidly finishing up first grade.  He’s reading, writing, and currently obsessed with Bakugan.  Where did these things come from???  Bizarre little toys – like Transformer and Pokemon combined, but not nearly as cool as the Transformers (pretty much everything is cooler than Pokemon).  He’s also a very serious gamer.  His most recent conquest was the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga game.  It took weeks, but he beat the whole thing (with some help from me!).  Now he’s working on Lego Indiana Jones and Halo Wars (yeah, yeah … I let him play, but only if I’m there to skip the movie cutscenes between levels).

And there you have!  My crew!

One thought on “Family Updates

  1. and what about you and heather??????? 🙂
    thanks for the update on the boys. miss those little guys!!! they are so sweet. 🙂


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