Halo Wars

I just beat Halo Wars the other day, and figured it was time for a review!  It’s definitely different than the other Halo games out there, more of a Starcraft type game – certainly not a shooter.  In fact, the only reason it’s even rated T is because of the cinematics between levels!

From a technical side, the graphics are amazing.  The controls are very, very easy to use (even my five year old can play it pretty good), and it’s got some great gameplay.

I loved the storyline and movies between levels.  They were certainly the best looking of any in Halo games yet, and the story was a lot of fun.  It was a little weird to not have Master Chief around, but I got over it.  The levels themselves were just challenging enough to be fun, but still get through within a few attempts (I played on the normal setting).  If I had one complaint, it would be that it was too short; with only fifteen levels it felt like it was all over too soon.  I think I would have liked a few more …

I haven’t played online yet, but I’ve checked out the huge selection of maps and possibilities and I’m looking forward to having some fun with it.  If it lives up to the rest of the game, it will be great!  All that to say, it’s a great game and worth getting … although, the $60 price tag might be a little steep (I had a gift certificate to offset it, so I didn’t feel too bad).  Anyone else play it?  What do you think?

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