Week 13 challenge results!


Three months!  Wow!  You guys have been working hard for a while now … and the reality is, you guys have made some dramatic lifestyle changes.  Awesome!  We had 25 people reporting in this week (if you’re late, it’s okay, still send it on in!) – you guys are doing amazing!  I thought I’d toss some numbers out there just so you know a little of what I’m seeing; of the 25 of you that reported, 11 lost weight, 6 stayed the same, and 7 put a little on.  It’s okay.  The truth is, you guys are going to fluctuate up and down over the course of this and the key is whether or not in the big picture you are averaging down.  Those numbers are pretty typical for most weeks, which I wanted to point out so that no one thinks they’re the only one having a flat week or a plus week!  Keep it up guys – you’re doing great!

Sandra C is our Biggest Loser of the week with a 2.11% loss!  Amazing!  Close behind, with a 1.95% is Sean W!  You two rock!  Our 1% Hall of Fame this week is Tracey W and Amanda K!  You two are amazing!

Okay, that was weird … I just realized this never published!  I had it ready Wednesday night and everything – I don’t know why it saved as a draft instead of going live!  Sorry!!!

2 thoughts on “Week 13 challenge results!

  1. Way to go Sandra! Tell us your secret! LOL

    Everyone is doing amazing. Just wish my scale would move. If I get on tomorrow and get the same number for like the 4th week in a row I am gonna scream. Very frustrating but then some is my own fault.


  2. Karla, throw those scales out the window. I know, I know, but wouldn't it make you feel better? 🙂 I have had many of those days when I came close to doing that myself.

    Great Job Guys!!!

    Anybody willing to share some tips with us?


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