REFUEL by Doug Fields

REFUEL by Doug Fields

I just finished reading Doug Fields’ latest book, ‘Refuel.’  It’s a short book – only a little over a hundred pages long, but I think that’s part of what is so great about it.  In it he speaks about the need to refuel, to recharge spiritually, and his contention is that it doesn’t have to be these elaborate systems and routines that just add more guilt and pressure to our lives.  Instead, he contends that the answer is to simply stop, be quiet and make a connection (with God).  In other words, throughout the day take moments here and there where you stop, settle your mind and take some time to connect with God.  It could be a few seconds, minutes, or more, but the point is that it is simple.

He writes that we tend to overpack our lives with busyness and noise, whether noise in the car, at work, at home, the television, or noise inwardly, like worry, distraction, unrealistic expectations, etc.  It definitely hit me where I’m at.  And this is where I think the length and simplicity of the book are so great – people with overpacked lives, with too much noise, don’t need a massive book on how to not be busy – that just adds to the busyness.  I love that he writes about connecting with God throughout the day in small doses to refuel our spiritual tanks.  It makes sense that as that happens more and more often, it becomes easier to connect with God in greater doses, or to see more balance in life.

Ultimately, this is a book for those feeling some spiritual emptyness or beating themselves up for not being the Christian giants they feel they should be.  It’s a GREAT book, worth the read, and I can’t wait to get the teaching series once it’s released down the road (it must be on the horizon – they’re doing it at Saddleback now!).  Definitely worth getting – I absolutely recommend it!

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