Guy Talk Girl Talk

I just grabbed Simply Youth Ministry’s Guy Talk Girl Talk small group resource and I’m pretty excited about it.  Basically, it’s a ten week small group resource for middle school, high school or college age kids.  I got it for our high school groups; I’m trying to put together all my small group lessons for next school year to add a little more structure and consistency to our small group program as well as give the leaders a little more direction and a better idea of what I’m expecting. 

There are a few reasons why I’m loving this particular resource.  First, it actually has twenty lessons in it; ten written specifically for guys and ten written specifically for girls.  They’re really relevant, and have some great content and discussion launchers.  Here’s what I love even more; I only have to buy one copy.  The book comes with a cd-rom that has EVERYTHING on it.  Everything.  All of the lessons, journals for the teens, leader guides, promo stuff like posters, postcards and signs, and it’s all in PDF form (looks pretty!) or in editable doc form if we want to make some changes.  Even the PDFs come in two different versions; one that is exactly the same as the book right down to the dimensions, and one that has been converted to fit on regular sized paper.  It comes with permission to edit, adapt, and reproduce to your heart’s content, which I LOVE. 

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