Week 15 challenge results!


Fifteen weeks down, three to go!  Can you believe we’re almost there?  This was a bit of an off week, only 18 of you reported in (if you’re late, it’s okay, still send it on in!) – but I know you’ll all be back on next week! 

EDIT – Oops!  I just saw that Jodi B had sent her weight to me on Facebook, which put her at a 1.67% weight loss … which makes her the Biggest Loser of the week!  Congrats Jodi!

Loren G was our Biggest Loser of the week, and our one 1% hall of famer with his 1.01% weight loss!  Great loss Loren!  Jennifer M was close with a 0.88% loss, so you get an honorable mention!

Keep it up guys!  You’re all doing incredible!  We’re almost there … finish strong!

I’ve had some of you asking about another challenge over the summer … how many are into that?  Next time I do one I want to keep it to 12 weeks; when I announced this one would be running along with the season on the air, I didn’t realize it was going to be 18 weeks instead of the normal 12-14 weeks of past seasons!  It’s been a long haul for you guys, but you’ve done incredible!

15 thoughts on “Week 15 challenge results!

  1. I am in for another challenge! The additional accountibility is good for me…I dont even care about a prize!

    Congrats guys….3 more weeks…keep going!


  2. Barring a miracle I'll still have weight to lose (though hopefully not much). I'd be in. I like the accountability too!


  3. I'm definitely in for another challenge. I love having the accountability and the other participants to chat with. I will definitely have a ton of weight left to loose, so there is no better way then this.

    I didn't loose any weight this week, so I'm hoping for a big week next week!


  4. jsut a little Matt!

    I want to say Matt, I am really glad you do these. I know it is a lot of work for you to keep up with given all of your other responsibilities. Your efforts are not in vain and do not go un-noticed!

    THank YOU!! TRuly!



  5. Ug I think I've gained weight since I can't work out. And the no pain thing is long gone. I'm now on one crutch or no crutch and it hurts bad !!!

    Wow what a Biggest Loser tonight huh?


    You are an inspiration to me and that has helped alot. I have lost 104 lb since april 08 — and I need to lose another 70 or so — which puts me losing as much as you have. I keep thinking if Matt can do it — I can !!!

    I havent been able to get on here and post like you guys — but i try to read some — my life is so hectic with concentrating on eating right — working out — work — teenager at home and everything else — im totally exhausted by the end of the night — i love reading everyones motivation!!!!!!!!!!

    I had seen somewhere recently that someone asked how do i do it — It has been HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I try to eat right — I work out hour and half to 2 hrs a day Mon – Fri and take sat and sun off — it is definately the combination of working out and eating right and having the motivation – I spend as much time as I can learning new recipes and trying to change my fav recipes to lower cal etc. I have subscribed to Hungry Girl because they send daily recipes and great info — Also — to get more veggies in — I try to puree different veggies and put them into my dishes for example I may puree butternut squash and add to soup to make a base — Can puree and put in ziplocs and put in freezer to have handy also for last minute dishes — i have been learning so much about nutrition and tricks to the trade so to speak but you have to get the most bang for your nutrition — when you are eating something — you HAVE to look at it and say is this worth eating — how long do I have to workout to work this off

    working out is very misleading — i see people go to McD for burger/fries and say oh i can work that off by walking — you will not believe how long you would have to walk to work that off — I work an eliptical for an hour and burn 800 cal+ — we all know that burger/fry meals are very high — NOT WORTH it to me anymore.

    My other biggest inspiration is the trainers at the athletic club. they are freakin awesome!! they have made me so welcome even when I was huge – Jaron Tate works there and he was on Season 2 I think on biggest loser and he is a huge inspiration — I think he has lost about 160 lb when he was on the show

    Matt — you guys are inspiration to so many people. Please always be there for us — we fall off the wagon but believe me — its you guys inspiration that helps us get up and dust ourselves off and get back on for the long haul !!!

    I know this is long but I dont know when I can get back on here to let all of you know how awesome all of you are to be sticking to this and hanging in there.

    I love this post and group. I admire what Matt is doing and trying to keep us motivated in the meantime.




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