Caleb’s Lament

So the other day we were out and about in the car, and as is occasionally the case, the boys were NOT behaving.  Totally ramped up out of their minds would be an accurate description.  So we cancelled dinner plans and turned the car for home, which produced an absolute chorus of wailing from the back of the van.  Micah, Caleb and Noah were NOT impressed.

Well, we stopped at the supermarket so I could run in and grab something.  At this point they had all quieted down and were sulking away in the back when I left the car.  Heather was barely controlling her giggling when I returned; she had written down what Caleb muttered to Micah when he saw that he was playing with some toys:

How can you play around when they’re treating us like a piece of animal?

Wow.  Sometimes it’s really hard not to laugh at a ticked off kid.

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