Star Trek: Insurrection

Insurrection is the ninth movie in the Star Trek franchise, and while not the most popular, it’s still one I enjoy quite a bit.  Basically, I’ve been watching one Star Trek movie per week in preparation for the May 8th debut of the eleventh film in the series!  It’s getting close!

The plot for this movie asks the question of whether or not it is okay to get something that will benefit many at the expense of a few.  Picard asks the great question of how many does it take before it becomes wrong – his answer?  One.  In this regard, this movie is classic Trek because it has a message to it, it asks questions, and it’s not just some action film.  That’s something I really like about it.

It’s also fun because it marks some changes in some of the characters, most notably, Riker and Troi get back together, paving the way for their wedding in the tenth film.

However, there is one thing that is perhaps my least favorite moment in all the Trek films: the joystick featured in the Riker maneuver.  What the heck?  A joystick pops up in the middle of the bridge to fly the ship with?  Utterly ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek: Insurrection

  1. The joystick was retarded. What I found utterly lame about it was that I actually owned that same Logitech joystick =P


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