5 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Couples week 17

  1. I want Mike to win. Helen and Ron have no chance. Tara's a real threat. I was very sorry to see filipe go. What an inspirational guy he is.


  2. I want Tara to win! Even though they've been showing her as less and less likable, she's been my favorite to win from day one (mostly because she's the one I most identified with at the beginning, well, her and Kristin, but we know what happened to her…anyway Tara was just one step above Kristin for me. Whenever I watch, I always think, who would would I be on this show, what role would I play and who is tough–I imagine myself as the kick-ass hottie! hahaha.) and I think she has been a strong player the entire time. However, Mike could take it since he has his Dad pushing him at home, too. Tara is really close to her goal, but Mike is also down quite a bit. I say they could both pull off another 30lbs, I guess we'll have to see. I can't wait to see what the at home winners have done! At home winners are sometimes the most exciting, right Matt?


  3. I'd like to see Tara win, but being a numbers guy, unless Mike really falls off the wagon, he's a lock, here's the reality:

    Mike came into BL at 53% over his healthy BMI

    Tara came into BL at 43% over her healthy BMI.

    At this point in the competition, Tara doesn't have as much left to lose as Mike, either.

    I can't wait to see the at-home loser's success. Those home folks, especially the ones who left early on, are the REAL biggest losers and, I think, will be MUCH more likely to keep the weight off.


  4. I want Tara to win. She as been my favorite since the beginning (with Kristin). I think we are a lot a like and she is a true inspiration to me. We both started at the same weight and look at her now! She looks amazing! I was blown away by how her stomach has changed throughout this process. It is flat! I never thought I could look that good, but seeing her proves that I can. I really wish I knew how tall she was.

    It is looking good for Mike to win, but I hope that some how Tara can pull it out. She is so determined, I think she has a good chance even though she is almost to her goal weight. I like Mike, but he and Ron have been annoying me some lately.

    Well, it will be interesting to see everyone after a month at home next week. Then I also love to see the at home players. The finale will be exciting!


  5. This is bringing me back to when Matt was on the show…we were shouting and screaming and crying by the end!! It was very exciting and I agree with you all–Matthew is proof that the REAL biggest losers are the ones who do it at home, without the trainers and onsite gyms. He is such an inspiration to us all here in Maine and I'm sure to people all over the country, maybe even world 🙂 🙂 As far as the show goes, I'm thinking its gonna be Mike. I haven't been able to follow it closely this season because I work every other Monday evening, but Mike is who I'm betting on. 🙂 🙂 Either way, they are all looking amazing.


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