I am Spartacus!


So that’s pretty much what the screen on my Palm Centro cell phone looked like for this last week.  Awful.  Somehow I walked into a piano at church last week and caught the corner on my pocket, cracking up my screen, rendering it impossible to use the touch screen functions and completely frustrating to me.

Getting it repaired would be around a hundred bucks or more, and I certainly didn’t feel like spending several hundred dollars on a new one!  My contract is only eight or nine months old so renewing it and getting a free phone wasn’t an option.  So I took a chance and ordered a replacement screen from some dude in Hong Kong through Ebay.  The total, with shipping, was $17.  Then I used some online walkthroughs to take my cell phone completely apart, pull the broken glass off the lcd and replace it all.  It probably took me close to an hour, and for most of the hour I was pretty convinced that I had completely destroyed my phone – felt waaaaay over my head!

But I got it all back together and it’s working great!!!  I’m so pumped right now!  My phone is whole once again!

It’s warranty is completely voided, however!

4 thoughts on “I am Spartacus!

  1. wow thats amazing — the lord was looking out for you to get you such a great deal — even if it took an hour = look at what it saved you !!!!


  2. Next you are going to open up a cell phone repair shop…might not be a bad idea working with a bunch of reckless teens!


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