Week 16 challenge results!


Sixteen weeks down, two to go!  Can you believe we’re almost there?  Sorry I’m running a little late this week – I’ve got a couple youth events this weekend that are usurping most of my focus!  Next week I’ll give you all directions on how to do the final weigh in for it to count towards the prize.  Even if you don’t think you have a shot at winning, I still want every one to weigh in one last time to see how much we’ve lost total as a group!

Amanda K took the Biggest Loser of the week title with a 1.17% loss!  Awesome work!  Right behind her was Michael C with a 1.12% loss!  Great work!  Loren G, Leisia J, Linda C Kelsey C and Sandra C all get an honorable mention this week for losing over 0.5%!

Keep it up everyone!  We’re almost there!

6 thoughts on “Week 16 challenge results!

  1. I wanted to copy this post to this one so everyone could see it — i put it in last weeks challenge page — i am so glad to see everyone doing sooooo goood

    Matt – thanks for keeping your before and after pics on here — they too help keep me motivated — i have recently put a before and after pic of me on my frig — helps me remember where i was and where i dont want to go back to.

    I have went from a 26/28 pants – 26/28(3x & 4X's) shirts to 18 pants and XL/L shirts WOW — this is over one year — (101 lbs) — i still have a lot of mental issues to deal with even with food — i still have along way to go but to read you guys's post helps me more then you know esp with ideas that you guys have for menus etc. you guys keep up the good work — if you want to see before and after pics of me just let me know and i would email you if it will help keep you on track – i want to help people like the people that have helped me!!!

    sandra c Says:
    April 29, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    You are an inspiration to me and that has helped alot. I have lost 104 lb since april 08 — and I need to lose another 70 or so — which puts me losing as much as you have. I keep thinking if Matt can do it — I can !!!

    I havent been able to get on here and post like you guys — but i try to read some — my life is so hectic with concentrating on eating right — working out — work — teenager at home and everything else — im totally exhausted by the end of the night — i love reading everyones motivation!!!!!!!!!!

    I had seen somewhere recently that someone asked how do i do it — It has been HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I try to eat right — I work out hour and half to 2 hrs a day Mon – Fri and take sat and sun off — it is definately the combination of working out and eating right and having the motivation – I spend as much time as I can learning new recipes and trying to change my fav recipes to lower cal etc. I have subscribed to Hungry Girl because they send daily recipes and great info — Also — to get more veggies in — I try to puree different veggies and put them into my dishes for example I may puree butternut squash and add to soup to make a base — Can puree and put in ziplocs and put in freezer to have handy also for last minute dishes — i have been learning so much about nutrition and tricks to the trade so to speak but you have to get the most bang for your nutrition — when you are eating something — you HAVE to look at it and say is this worth eating — how long do I have to workout to work this off

    working out is very misleading — i see people go to McD for burger/fries and say oh i can work that off by walking — you will not believe how long you would have to walk to work that off — I work an eliptical for an hour and burn 800 cal+ — we all know that burger/fry meals are very high — NOT WORTH it to me anymore.

    My other biggest inspiration is the trainers at the athletic club. they are freakin awesome!! they have made me so welcome even when I was huge – Jaron Tate works there and he was on Season 2 I think on biggest loser and he is a huge inspiration — I think he has lost about 160 lb when he was on the show

    Matt — you guys are inspiration to so many people. Please always be there for us — we fall off the wagon but believe me — its you guys inspiration that helps us get up and dust ourselves off and get back on for the long haul !!!

    I know this is long but I dont know when I can get back on here to let all of you know how awesome all of you are to be sticking to this and hanging in there.

    I love this post and group. I admire what Matt is doing and trying to keep us motivated in the meantime.




  2. Wow Sandra, I could feel the energy bursting from that post!!! You have done great with your weight loss. Matt is awesome for doing this challenge…I agree with you on that.


  3. Leisia,

    COmments on your blog…am not sure how to fix it…but there should be a comments setting…I can click on that "add a comment" link…then it takes me to the bottom of the blog…where it says "post a comment" that I tried to click on , but no where does a box show up to type in!


  4. Sandra C., the comments you said were comforting, During this challenge I have gained and lost and back and forth. I am encouraged to stay in the race. I had a goal and a ultimate goal to reach. My time will end on Sept 16 2009. I am still trying to reach that goal. Not eating enough has been causing weight gains. Busy trying the get house in order. To the ones that are in this challenge keep posting, I find out in the posting, someone has been where and am and someone has been where I'm going in this road to a size healthier. Matt I hope you do the challenge again, so some more of us can hit our other weight loss, inches loss, and healthier goals. Thanks


  5. I don't think I could quit if I wanted to. 1. It would go against the very fabric that God is weaving in my life….2. I have a few freinds who would kick my !#@ if I gave a hint of giving up! In it for life guys! even when the scale doesnt show the results I want!


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