Star Trek: Nemesis

I actually watched this last week and then forgot to blog about it!  At last, I have finished my quest to rewatch the ten Star Trek movies in preparation for this Friday’s release of the eleventh Star Trek movie! 

So here’s the deal: Nemesis tanked in the box office.  Absolutely bombed.  A lot of Trekkies blame the director, Stuart Blaird, since he was unfamiliar with Star Trek before this film.  But honestly, I think they’re overlooking some major things that pulled repeat viewers away … Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were both in theatres, there were new episodes of Star Trek on TV every week, and new Star Trek books out every few days almost.  The world was saturated with new Trek, and there were MASSIVE sci/fi and fantasy movies in theatres at the same time.  It just couldn’t compete. 

Now, let me get to the film.  I love it.  I absolutely, totally, completely love it.  It’s a great movie!  I love the dual story line of Picard and Data facing their alternate selves; Picard a clone and Data an identical android.  And honestly, one of the most powerful moments in the Star Trek universe happened in this film.  When Data was killed off I was shocked; the scene where the rest of the major characters shared a few memories and a toast about him is very moving.

I love the action, the story, and special effects.  Wow, when Picard smashes the Enterprise into Shinzon’s ship it was AWESOME.

All that to say, it’s a great movie.  Can’t wait for the next one!!!

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