Jillian Michaels’ latest podcasts

ere are the most recent podcasts from Jillian Michaels!  Her official page is over at KFI AM 640, with summaries of topics covered and call in questions.  You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, but it’s a little bit of a pain.  Search for “KFI Sundays;” it’s the radio station’s weekly podcast.  Or download it through the links below!  Just right click the links below and select “save target as” to save them to your computer.

May 3rd, 2009 podcast – kids and their eating habits

May 10th, 2009 podcast – moms should put themselves first today

If you’re looking for some workout motivation, there’s not much better than listening to Jillian while you exercise!

One thought on “Jillian Michaels’ latest podcasts

  1. Matthew- thanks so much for posting these. I love to listen to these while I work out (I imagine Jillian telling me that she will break my fingers when I have the urge to put my hands on the bars on the treadmill). Hope you are continuing to do well!


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