Random musings

Wow, I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front lately!  Between all the ER craziness the other week, my own downtime because of some bugs, and all the insanity building up to the two mission trips I’m leading in June and July, I have been scrambling just to stay behind!  Sheesh!

All that to say, we went a week without an ER trip, so that’s pretty cool.  How ridiculous is it that I would be relieved about that?  The kiddos are doing good, so we’re not planning any trips today, either – although we are going to some fireworks tonight, so who knows!

I’ve even been way behind on my tv shows … but here’s what I’m thinking …

American Idol.  Who cares?  Was not really into it this year, and honestly, I’m glad it’s finally over and So You Think You Can Dance has begun!

Lost.  Whoa.  Wow.  What the heck???  AWESOME finale.  I can NOT wait until next season … which unfortunately doesn’t begin until January.

Sarah Conner Chronicles.  The biggest cliff hanger ever … and then the show got canceled.  NOT cool.  I’m okay with it going away, but I’m not happy with the cliff hanger!

Heroes.  Another show I love with all my heart!  The finales always seem kind of weak to me, but I love the story arcs.

Biggest Loser.  Is is okay that I’m a little bummed that three people lost a higher number pounds than I lost?  For the longest time my 176 lbs had me in the top three in show history … then the other year a couple people bumped me down to fifth place, but still, top five is fun to spout off about.  Now I’m in the top eight?  Oh well …  Oh yeah, their transformations were cool and all that.  Helen is amazing!

Shows I still am working my way through; Fringe, Smallville and 24.  Don’t ruin them for me!

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