Great short term mission trip articles

I was just reading a couple articles by Doug Franklin dealing with short term missions; he has some great thoughts and I definitely recommend taking a look at them if you’re like me and gearing up for summer missions!  I’m actually going on two trips this year!  The first one is with the bulk of mission trippers; we’re heading up to Presque Isle, Maine.  For those of you wondering, that’s another six hours north of where I used to live, and five seconds south of Canada.  I’m only exageratting a little.  The other trip I’m leading (I’m having my assistant take point on the Maine trip since I’m just about the only leader on the whole trip that hasn’t done it before!) is to Nicaragua.  I’m really excited to get back to Latin America – ever since spending my high school years in Bolivia, my heart has in many ways considered the southern continents home.  Anyway, I digress!  Here are the articles:

Three mistakes youth workers make with mission trips

Helping parents connect before, during and after the trip

I’m actually thinking about putting together a letter to parents of our team members with a lot of the ideas in it from that second article – great stuff!  What do you all think?

5 thoughts on “Great short term mission trip articles

  1. That's cool to hear that your going to Nicaragua. I'm a mentor at Bethany College of Missions in Bloomington, MN and some of the students here just took a short term mission trip there to work with the kids that live in the dump. They brought back some intense stories. If you ever want a great short term mission sending agency there is one out of the college here called STEM.

    Keep up the fight! 🙂


  2. Excited to see you are headed to the crown of Maine. What are the plans for the mission?

    Blessings on you all, Rosie


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