Prepare Go Live review

Simply Youth Ministry and LeaderTreks have teamed up to create a new short term missions resource, Prepare Go Live!  I actually blogged about it’s release here, but now I’ve actually had some time to check out it, read the journals, play with the cd-rom, and in general go over it … and I love it!

Basically, it’s a devotional kit for before, during and after the short mission trip, specifically designed for student ministry.  The journals and leader guide are solid, well written resources.  I like that there are three seperate journals; one for before the trip, one for during the trip, and one with four follow up studies for after the trip.  Too many short term trips end when the trip is over without any real followup or application to life back at home.  This resource makes the follow up a significant component of the overall plan and I love that.

Ultimately, what makes this resource stand out in a resource world packed with mission trip options is the cd-rom.  It includes everything; PDF’s of the leader guide, the three journals, the clipart, t-shirt design files, posters, postcards, background images, letters and more.  It is packed with everything you need … and it comes with permission to print it up as much as you want.  I’m excited about that because I’ll be able to use this resource over and over in the coming years … without ever buying another copy of it or the journals!  We’ll print our own copies, I won’t be broken up when kids lose a copy, etc.  This is one I’ll definitely be coming back to over and over!

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