Palm Centro woes

My phone and I are having a rocky relationship lately.  I got the Palm Centro because I’ve used Palm brand PDA’s for the last seven or eight years, so I’m pretty much used to the way they work.  When I decided to get a ‘smart phone’ it just made sense to get a Palm brand one since it would just automatically sync with my existing contacts, calendar, etc.

Since then I’ve dumped the Palm software in favor of using Microsoft Outlook.  It meets my needs a lot better and it syncs fine.  That’s the first strike for Palm.

Strike two comes in the form of an unstable phone!!!  The software is always locking up, freezing the screen, and even resetting the whole phone at inopportune moments.  I finally realized today that my computer was still transferring my old software apps from my previous Palm’s onto it, which caused the instability since they were made for older designs.  I wiped my phone, reinstalled everything, and finally got rid of all that stuff … hopefully that makes a difference.

What’s bizarre to me is just how dependant on my phone I am now – it really wasn’t the case for me when I lived in Maine!  I don’t have a land line anymore, I use it for my calendar, contacts, task lists, video files, photos, email, text messaging and even Twitter and Facebook.  I’m getting to the point where I hardly need my laptop any more!!!

Anyway, I think strike three is coming soon.  iPhones do all of the stuff I do so much better, and so much smoother … and offer a world of stuff I wish I could do!  We’ll see …

One thought on “Palm Centro woes

  1. be careful with the iphone. i've heard of a lot of people complaining about cell service on it. it will suddenly lose signal…has a hard time getting 3G for some reason. and it will even drop calls a lot. i don't have one so i'm just regurgitating what i hear from other people and read on the web. (and yes, i'm very attracted to the iphone too)


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