Anyone else have kids obsessing about these little guys?  It’s pretty much all my sons will talk about!  Seriously.  They wake up in the morning talking about Bakugan, keep it up all day long, and then go to bed talking about them.  We watch the cartoons, play with the toys, read the books, check out the website, and, of course, battle.  A lot.

For those of you who don’t know it’s basically a card game with small action figures (robots).  They’re basically the size of a ping pong ball, with the ability to pop open into the shape of a robot.  I actually have a couple of my own now so I can play with my kids, which they think is awesome.  In our most recent battle, Micah totally kicked my butt.  I was frustrated, but I’ll get over it.

Honestly, it’s all kind of funny to me.  Part of me thinks they’re being ridiculous … but then I keep flashing back to how much I obsessed about baseball cards back in the day.  Yikes!

8 thoughts on “Bakugan

  1. ha ha ha… Matt, I'm with you on this! MY 5 year old (who thinks he's 10.. apparently he never got that email letting him know exactly HOW old he was!) will go on about how this one does that…. they are everywhere and I love finding them all around the house! It is fun though…I splurged and got the battle board, which he is currently now trying to earn. How did you learn to play?


  2. I actually bought the battle board, too! : ) It belongs to me, though, so they won't fight over whose it is!!! I looked up the rules online, we went with the simple version … although we might start using more of the cards down the road. They're so funny because they have the arm shooters and wear them all around the house. It's the only thing they'll spend their money on!!!


  3. …My son just asked for the arm shooter the other day! If I had more than 1 son, the board would also only be mine (good call, BTW! you must have experience w/ this!!!). Thanks for the look up on line info! I'll do that! It's funny. My son even sleeps with a few of them…. particularly the 'dagonoid' , the red ball one!Interested to see what type of posts this thread will bring! lol.


  4. These are the rules we use (from, the one change being that we each put three cards down to make the battle last longer. We play until all the cards are won, but we keep our own Bakugans. Anyway, here's the cut and paste:

    For two players each player puts down two cards. For four players each puts down one card farthest from them. Then the youngest player goes first in a clockwise motion. Put down two more cards on the corner of the card in front of you, this is your shot spot. To shoot you can shoot it like a marble, or put it on the floor, and hold in your thumb and middle finger (or if you have the Bakugan launcher, you can use that).

    Next because the cards are metal and the Bakugan have magnets when you shoot the Bakugan and it stands on the card and stays on it your Bakugan stays on the card. If you miss you get the Bakugan back. If it stands you can also put down a card. If your bakugan and someone else's bakugan land on the same card you go into battle. Flip the card over and you see 6 numbers. Thats how you make the gate card open. Match the color of the bakugan with the color on the card. Add the numbers to your Bakugan's G points which is either inside your bakugan our outside. If your Bakugan's G power is stronger than the other you get the card and the bakugan, and your bakugan returns to you. You can have as many bakugan and cards as you want in a battle, but the minimum is three.

    If the bakugan have the same G points you take the bakugan off the card and each shoot again. If only one lands on it they get the card and bakugan. If you knock a bakugan off a card its a automatic knock out, or win.

    Play until all the cards or bakugan are gone. At the bottom of the card there are HSP (holo sector points.) Add all of your cards holo sector points and your remaining bakugan and captured bakugan are worth 100 points and if you have more points you win. And if you lose in a battle don't cry. But you don't take anyones bakugan if you win unless you play for keeps. This game requires nerves of steel.


  5. And yes, Dragonoids are the best! Micah has a black one, Caleb and I both have red ones (each slightly different). I also have this slightly translucent blue one and a giant eye ball. The eye ball was so weird I had to have it!


  6. thanks for posting the link to the directions… will review this weekend and maybe even try to play! Thanks.


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