Family updates!

Life is CRAZY right now!  Computer issues, family sicknesses, and two missions trips starting this coming Friday!  Hence the recent blog silence!

My computer has been on the fritz for the last month, causing no end of headaches for me.  The tech guy hired by our church to come set our laptops up on the church server completely screwed up my system.  It was basically unworkable.  All it was supposed to do was backup my hard drive, but it instead changed how all the software worked and basically made it unusable if it wasn’t connected to the church network – kind of makes having a laptop pointless if you can’t take it away!  I finally gave up trying to get it to work and reformatted the thing this last weekend.  Talk about sweet relief!

Zachary is only ten months old, but he’s pretty much blowing away all the milestones way ahead of time!  He’s been walking for three months now, has started eating his food with a fork (yup, you read that right … he pretty much ate his whole dinner tonight with his fork on his own), uses tools, walks backwards, spins around to make himself dizzy, wrestles, loves looking through books, moves boxes so he can climb on them to get into stuff, gets frustrated when he can’t get things to work, and is possibly talking.  Did I mention that he just turned ten months old???  We’re in for a rough ride.

Micah is SICK.  Poor kid has strep and an ear infection; he actually had a fever of somewhere around 102-104 for several days.  He’s finished first grade and was all excited about summer break … until he got sick!!! 

Heather just celebrated her birthday; she had won tickets to a country music festival so she and I spent last Saturday groovin’ to Kellie Pickler, James Otto, and a bunch of others.  Other than Pickler, I hadn’t heard of any of them … and her only because she was on American Idol!  Is it bad that she’s actually the fourth Idol contestant we’ve seen in concert?  Clay Aiken, Kimberly Locke and Taylor Hicks were the other three (yes, they were three different concerts … we’ve gone to a lot).  It was a fun day – it was cute seeing Heather geek out for something the way I nerd out for Star Trek!

Caleb and Noah … um, I got nothing.  They talk incessantly about Bakugan?  I’m tired of typing!  It’s late!

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