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tough topicsYouth Specialties dropped an app on the iTunes app store called ‘Tough Topics’ a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to try it out.  : )  Now that I have an iPod touch, I grabbed it!  It’s only $1.99 (that’s four bucks cheaper than the book versions!), and it’s great!  You can see from the screen capture that there are four different types of discussion questions.  It’s kind of a ‘would you rather’ type discussion starter app.  Besides looking cool, being amazingly convenient to have right in my pocket with me, and having great content, I also loved that it comes with all the scriptures for each set of discussion questions!  So I can literally go with it wherever I am and have the Bible verses there to follow up with.  Very, very cool.  YS has definitely stepped out into a new area for resources – I’m hoping they follow it up with more!

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