Live small group curriculum

Live Curriculum

We’re giving our small group program a bit of a reboot this fall – I’m pretty excited about it!  We’re changing the night, playing with the format a little bit to include some larger group social time, reworking how we group kids and I’m changing up how we do small group curriculum.  In the past, the leaders have been kind of on their own; there’s a ton of resources available, but it’s up to them to come get them and pick them out.  I really wanted a bit more continuity between the groups, and some more structure from my end – something the leaders seemed pretty happy to hear.  Towards that end, we’re using the Live Curriculum from Simply Youth Ministry.  It’s actually a four year small group plan with a balance of topical studies, basic doctrine and Bible studies.  There’s a few reasons I like it; I can rearrange the order of the different studies, I can reproduce it to my heart’s content, and it has a great online leader connection point where we can distribute resources to leaders, plan ahead, and interact with the curriculum.  Very, very cool – and a very balanced approach to the high school small group experience.

Click the Live Curriculum link to learn more about it and download free samples!

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