We sold our house!

Well, it’s finally official!  Actually, it was official the other week, but I was scrambling to leave for the mission trip to Maine (and now I’m scrambling for our early morning departure for Nicaragua tomorrow!!!)!  I haven’t said too much because I didn’t want to get too excited until we finally closed and the deal was done!

We waited for almost a year for that house to sell – nothing like putting it on the market about a week before the economy fell apart.  That was awesome.  We also found a place that we’ll be moving in to the week I get back from Nicaragua, so we’re pretty pumped.  It’s a nice size house with three bedrooms, big family room, a huge laundry room – it’s basically a den that happens to have a washer and dryer in it – and a large backyard.  The boys have gotten pretty used to living with my in-laws; they love having their grandparents around, but Heather and I are excited to have our own place again!  : )  It’s only five minutes from the church (as opposed to the 30-60 minutes my current commute normally is depending on time of day), which is AWESOME.  It’s challenging to be a pastor from so far away!

We’ll finally be living in Wilmington!!!

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