Nicaragua Day One

After a looooooong day of travel (somewhere in the neighborhood of 16-18 hours between driving, flights and layovers), we have arrived safely in Managua, Nicaragua!  We’re exhausted, but excited about what the next two weeks hold for us!

We’re staying at a missionary compound in the capital city of Nicaragua through Tuesday night, and then Wednesday morning we’ll be heading out to Campo Alegria, near Rivas if you’re looking on a map.  But before then we’ll be doing some ministry in the city dump here in Managua.  1500 hundred people literally live in the dump, 300 of whom are children.  There really are no words to describe what it’s like.

It’s fun seeing the tropical plants, hearing the warnings of scorpions (not lethal, don’t worry parents!), and finding out how to behave with the pet monkey that lives here at the mission compound!  But enough of that – I’m exhausted!  Good night!

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