Nicaragua Day 8

First the bad news: still no internet! It should be back on tomorrow, so for parents waiting for a call from their son or daughter, that’s when it will happen (we’ll be using skype – a phone service using the internet for pennies a minute instead of dollars a minute using a regular phone). If we don’t get internet by then I’ll let the kids use my cell phone, but the calls will have to be shorter in that scenario.

But enough on that! Camp is over, the kids are gone and my team is asleep in hammocks all over this property! We are beat! Those kids ran us ragged! The team did an amazing job, put in looooooooong days and truly created a memorable experience for the children. It was sad saying goodbye and loading these kids onto a bus to take them back to their ‘homes’ in the Managua city dump. Having spent two days in the dump and seeing the horrific conditions they live in made it tough to send these little children we spent four days bonding with back to. I’m sure our debriefing time will be a hard one tonight – the brokenness of our world is demonstrated in such a tangible way by the place these little children call home.

Tomorrow is our day off! We’ll be visiting San Juan del Sur, a town on the Pacific ocean for some beach time and swinging by Masaya on the way back. It’s some well deserved down time for our teens before we spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday working at a school a couple miles from Campo Alegria. We’ll be teaching English, doing educational projects, playing games, feeding the kids as well as some physical repairs and work projects, too! It should be quite an experience to finish our trip with – there’s a strong possibility that we could have an ongoing relationship with the school. Our teens are hungry to be a continuing tool for God in a place like this school we will be at, a place that noone else is lining up to help.

If all goes well, tomorrow we’ll have internet and I’ll be able to post another video! keep praying for us – we appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “Nicaragua Day 8

  1. Thanks for the updates. Hope your thumbs are not worn out. Sending out many prayers. I'm with Pat…love the Chipmunks. Glad you lost no kids on the volcanoe.


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