Nicaragua Day 10

Wow. Today is a SCORCHER. And the power has been out since before we got up this morning (it just now came back on), so no fans! No wind, no clouds just mucho, mucho sunshine. Everyone is pretty much just sitting around trying to minimize movement and conserve energy! But enough of that! On to the update!

Yesterday was a GREAT day off! We took off from Campo Alegria first thing in the morning and headed out to San Juan del Sur, a small touristy type town on the Pacific Ocean. A bunch of the teens were pumped to stick their feet in the Pacific for the first time! We spent the morning and early afternoon there, walking through the town, playing in the ocean, and just chilling after a long, hard (but good) camp experience! After we had our fill of the beach, we hopped back in the bus and took off for Masaya Volcano. I have to confess, it was one of my favorite stops of the trip! Its a fairly stable volcano, but its still smoking a bit. We were able to drive right up to the top and look down into the crater theres just something awe inspiring to drive past miles of lava rocks and look into the smoky depths. Very, very cool. Parents dont worry, we were safe at all times and we wont be visiting any more volcanoes this trip!!!

Today we started our day camp at a local school. The kids are actually on school vacation right now, but close to fifty turned out for some educational lessons, game time and lunch. It was really great sharing and demonstrating the love of Jesus to these kids that no one else is helping. We also are using part of the money we raised as a team to take care of some physical needs of the school; weve hired some Nicaraguans to spend the next couple days working on the roof (dont worry, Im not putting your kids up there!!!), well be repairing the schools well (the only source for water there), and providing locks and latches that well install to help secure the buildings at night. The teachers were certainly happy to let us come and interact with their students and the kids were just phenomenal.

Well be returning to the school again tomorrow, and then Thursday morning as well. Thursday, however, well be bringing the kids back to Campo Alegria (the school is only a couple miles away) for piñatas and a huge slip and slide well be putting together. Actually, calling it a slip and slide doesnt begin to do it justice; well be running pipes into the lake to get water and have a pump churning out 300 gallons a minute on to the slip and slide check that, more like a raging water slide! Were all pretty excited about it!

For those wondering, we still dont have internet access (this is all coming from my cell phone), so no photos or video! I have to confess, Im a little bummed; I put together a two minute video update several days ago but I havent been able to do anything with it!!!

One thought on “Nicaragua Day 10

  1. Matthew,
    Thank you for all the updates. You have done a great job without internet! I can't wait to see the pictures and video! Looking forward to hear how the "slip & slide", pinatas, etc go today!
    God Bless You All I am praying for you,
    Sandy Arthur


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