Nicaragua Day 12

Nicaragua water slide

Today was our last full day at Campo Alegria!  We had the crew of kids from the local school we’ve been doing a day camp at come to the camp today for a water slide and pinatas!!!  It was a blast!  Basically, we dug a trench out from the hill, down the beach to the lake, put plastic down and then hooked up a pump with pipes running from the lake to the top of the slide – that puppy cranked out 300 gallons a minute!  Definitely not your every day slip and slide!  The kids had a BLAST!  So did our teens!

We fed the group of close to sixty kids lunch, and then also had two giant pinatas – one for the girls and one for the boys.  These kids know how to beat a pinata!!!

The clock is ticking on our time in Nicaragua.  Tomorrow morning we’ll say goodbye to the camp, get on a bus and head back to the capital city, Managua.  On the way we’ll stop at Granada and Masaya for some touristy type activity, and then stay at a hotel near the airport.  Saturday morning we’re up obscenely early, and arrive back in the US at 5pm (parents, don’t forget to pick up your kids – I don’t want to miss seeing my kids before their bedtime because I’m waiting at the airport!)!  Where did these two weeks go?

One thought on “Nicaragua Day 12

  1. OK, thanks for all the updates. the video clip of Patrick with the monkey was a big hit, and was sent out to quite a few folks. I will be anxiously waiting at the airport tomorrow. Enjoy your last day, and I hope the flights go smoothly.


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