700 posts?!?

Yup, this is my seven hundredth post.  I don’t know if it’s a  good thing or not that it only took me about 20 months to get there!  And that’s in spite of me slowing down over the summer!

Anyway, in honor of this ‘milestone’ (is it really of any significance to any one other than me???), I decided it was a time for my blog to get a face-lift!  This is actually the third look it’s had over the last couple years; I started off with a two column blog, switched to the three column look after half a year or so, played with the colors from time to time (started blue, than green, than red), and now I’m back to a two column look again.  I actually really like this one – WordPress just released this template the other week and I’m digging it.  I think it makes my blog a little easier to navigate; the menu is more noticeable, it’s simpler, and side column is wider which gives me a little more freedom.

I’ll be updating the welcome page soon, and making a few other small changes around the site, so keep watching!  But other than all that … what do you think?

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