High School small groups

Who Am I?: Physical
I finished prepping our senior high small group curriculum this week, which I have admit, is a pretty sweet feeling.  You can read about what we’re doing with our middle school groups here (yup, I finished their prep first!).  We’ll actually be using three resources this year for the senior high.  We’ll primarly be using the Live Curriculum, a four year high school small group plan that I’m really excited about from Simply Youth Ministry.  It’s really cool because you can edit it, use the promotional materials, play around with the schedule, have a ton of online resources, and it’s a really solid series of small group lessons to boot!  In addition, we’ll also be using a couple four and five week dvd curriculums to give our leaders a break and to change it up a little.  The first one is the ‘Who am I?’ series, which is possibly the best small group dvd curriculum I’ve ever seen, by Chuck Bomar.  The second one is called ‘Plugged In’, a five week series on the purposes by Doug Fields.  I’m looking forward to this one as well since it really fits in with my philosophy of student ministry and how I look at the church in general, so it will help build into our leaders and students why we do what we do.

Plugged In: PhysicalAll in all, I’m really excited to see what will happen with our high school small groups this year!  I’ve also been pumped at the response from my leaders at the curriculum plan; in the past they’ve kind of done their own thing, so there’s a certain amount of excitement at having an overall plan and seeing our kids working through the same materials this year even though they’re in different groups!  It should be great!

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