JR High Slip ‘n Slide party!


Monday night saw the final Monday night summer event for the middle school students at our church (um, final event until next summer, that is)!  And what a night it was!!!  One of the families in our church graciously let a bazillion junior high kids come out and party hard at their house!  Pool, hot tub, and most importantly, the world’s largest slip ‘n slide – we think, anyway!  Basically, we took two of those massive rolls of plastic from Home Depot, laid ’em down a hill one after the other, and then let ’em loose!  Here’s how much speed these kids would pick up tearing down that hill: at the end of the slip ‘n slide, they didn’t stop!  Usually people would keep going as much as twenty feet more along the grass!  Absolutely an amazing night and a BLAST to see these kids shooting down that thing!  What a wild night!



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