SR High Summer Nights party!


Is it really the end of Summer?  Wow, that went by waaaay too fast!  During the summer we have a weekly senior high night called ‘Summer Nights,’ which has been an absolute hit!  To finish off the summer we had a giant slip ‘n slide party (yup, the same place that let us show up with all the middle school students – that family will be getting special rewards in heaven after how we tore up their lawn!)!  Pool, hot tub, and the world’s greatest slip ‘n slide (two massive rolls of plastic from Home Depot, one after the other, down a decently steep hill).  Those teens picked up some serious SPEED shooting down it; quite a few ended up rocketing down the slide, across twenty feet of grass and landing in a creek!  It was AWESOME!

As much as I can’t believe summer is already wrapping up and school is starting (or has already begun for some!), I have to say there is just a general air of anticipation and excitement for this school year and the student ministry program in our church!  So many have commented on the momentum they feel building as we go into this year – I just can’t wait to see what happens and am so thrilled to be along for the ride!

And if you’re wondering, I have no idea why in the world those four guys are crammed into the tube.  It was not any sort of game or involuntary requirement – they came up with that one on their own!



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