My NEW blog!

I have an announcement!!!  You’ve stumbled to my NEW blog … which pretty much looks exactly like my old blog (right down to all the posts and comments – I was able to import all the pages, posts and over 15,000 of the 17,500+ comments from the old one).  But trust me, it’s much, much better!

The biggest impact for readers is the commenting changes!  By making the move to a self hosted blog, commenting works more like a forum – as opposed to my old site where there were posts with thousands of comments.  I didn’t like re-posted a post to make room for more comments, but at the same time I felt bad you guys had massive load times!

For me, it gives a lot more freedom with themes, design, flexibility, and more.  It’s a move I’ve been thinking I needed to do for over a year now … I was just to lazy to do it until recently!

Anyway, bookmark/subscribe to the RSS feed, remember and let me know what you think!  I’m still playing around with some plug-ins, widgets and all those gizmos … so many to choose from that I couldn’t use before!  I don’t even know where to start!!!

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