Sarah Reeves Concert


Last night we had our first concert with a major artist at the church!  Sarah Reeves came with her brother and performed an awesome worship accoustic set.  Caitlin Jane opened for her with an amazing set as well; it really was a great pairing for the night – they were both distinctive and unique, yet really set a tone for the night that complemented each other.  Everyone that came out seemed to really love both their sounds and came away really happy with the concert!

I have to admit, I had fun shuttling Sarah and Ben around, they were fun to get to know!  And talk about it being a small world; their next stop is Chop Point School in Maine for their annual Swiftwaters Festival – the same one my sister and her husband opened at a couple years ago, and the same school that began and maintains the ministry in Nicaragua that we went to this last summer!



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