Sunday Report!

I’m exhausted!

To elaborate … between the concert on Friday night, preparing for next weekend’s Fall Retreat (woo-hoo!), and then filling in for our Senior Pastor this morning, I’ve had a lot going on!

On the plus side, it was really good to worship with the traditional crowd for a change. Over the summer, scheduling has made it just about impossible for me to be over there at all – during construction our church is broken up into several locations, with the two traditional style services happening at a neighboring business, the student ministry happening at a private school behind our church, and the three contemporary services happening in the church’s gym. Chaos! Anyway, I handled the message and communion today for both traditional services. I actually tied the message to our construction project and how we plan on creating a history of the church somewhere in it, to show where we’ve been, where we are, and even where we’re going. There’s an importance, and even a Biblical precedent for marking the cost of what we have and reminding ourselves of it. From there I went into communion, explaining it a bit, then leading it with the help of some of the deacons.

All in all, it was a good morning! But man, I’m tired … and there’s no slowing down between now and the Fall Retreat!

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