Weight Loss Challenge Kickoff!

tending the temple challenge

It’s time to begin!  Technically, the kick off date is September 22nd, but get your starting weights to me in the next week and you’re good to go!  The sooner you do it, though, the more time you have to lose weight in the competition!  The finish date and final weigh in is December 15th.  I’ve got a great prize package, including a couple hundred dollars worth of youth ministry and weight loss resources!  There are Biggest Loser books, student ministry books and media, both of my books – I’ll post the full description of the prize in a couple days, but the one I’m particularly excited about is a gift to the competition from Cheryl Forberg, the nutritionist for NBC’s Biggest Loser!  She’s giving us an autographed copy of one her favorite books – check back to find out which one it is!

Just to remind you of the rules, here they are: to be a part of the competition you need to email me (McNuttblog@gmail.com) two photos and some contact info (the photos and contact info will NOT be puslished on my site). One photo needs to be a full body ‘before’ photo (with your clothes on!!!), the second needs to be a starting weight photo – in other words, a close up photo of your feet on the scale with your weight on the readout. For the sake of keeping things honest about the timing of the starting and finishing weights, use the image below in your photos (it’s a little goofy, but I like it!).

challenge kickoffb

The final weigh in needs to happen on the same scale as the starting weight, and there will a different image that needs to be printed off and included in that photo which will be posted here around December 13th.

If you’re going to participate you need to send me your weight each Tuesday (yup, weigh in day is the same day as Biggest Loser – it’s a good reminder!). Weekly weigh-ins are great accountability, and while I won’t be posting people’s weights, I will announce the Honor Roll; people that have lost 1% or more of their starting weight that week (always an impressive feat!), as well as the Biggest Loser of the week!

15 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge Kickoff!

  1. matthew how long will this picture be up, my printer is not working at this moment…at least for me…I will be able to get it before tuesday.. I have to call in the computer/printer calvery..A.K.A. My son


  2. Yeah, I don’t bother taking the picture down. 🙂 The advantage, though, is getting your starting photos in sooner as opposed to later since it gives you a little more time to lose the weight. Good luck everyone!


  3. Hi Everyone!

    We are soooo excited. My husband Alex and I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress this season!

    GO Team! Weren’t we self declared team “Teal” last season?

    Lisa J.


  4. Can someone tell me how to include that photo above in my photos I must be camera challenged cause I can’t figure out how to do it!~


  5. If you have a printer you can save the picture to your computer and then print it. My printer doesn't have any colored ink so pulled up the page and I took my laptop and layed it down next to the scales and took the picture. Yeah…that was a trick!!!


  6. life side tracked me, haven’t checked in for a few, printed image. Will scale it and email tonight. Thanks matt… Tara Z


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