Temple Challenge UPDATE!

tending the temple challenge

Hey everyone!  I’m excited- I’ve gotten a BUNCH of starting photos and starting weights!  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard back from me yet … I’m a little slow on the response time this week!  If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late – just click here to find out how!

It should be a fun challenege!  Keep the chatter up, share tips, advice, low calorie options and recipes you’ve discovered – the more we interact with each other, the easier it is to get through the next twelve weeks and get the success you’re hoping for, just in time for Christmas!

19 thoughts on “Temple Challenge UPDATE!

  1. I will get you mine tonight. Wed is my normal WI day so I will be turning mine in Wed night if that is okay..

    Are there lots back from the the last challenge Matt did??
    Go team Teal!!


  2. I will see if I can find a decent picture and a starting weight tonight. Don’t know what the challange is, but I’ll try anything. WW isn’t working for me right now!


  3. Hi Karla, Glad to see you back again. Hope we can both do well!

    MATT – how many are signed up this time?

    Also, did you just go by 1500 calories a day?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Be the Biggest Loser you can be Everyday!

    Lisa J.


  4. I'm so glad to be back for this challenge! This week started out well, but then I got in a minor car accident and doctor's appointments and buying a new car put a damper on things a bit. I hope to get back into it full swing this week! It's good to see many of you back this time!


  5. I'm back. I haven't been posting and haven't sent Matt an updated pic. But I started at 233. UG I am up from when I won the first challenge, by like 13 pounds!! Had surgery and just couldn't work out for 3-4 months. Now I'm just counting calories and I"m at 228 in two weeks. Excited! So Matt I'm not gonna send a pic, I'll just share my weight on here once a week. And I'll be an encouragement to others. :o) My ultimate goal is 165. I haven't been that since about 14!



  6. HI Rebecca

    You so inspired me last challenge!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work it's about perserverance. I only kept 6 #'s off from the last challenge so I'm even worse off then you. May I ask what your starting weight was? Mines pretty high and I need encouragement. My ultimate goal is 159 3/4#'s! I just want to say that I'm 150 something 🙂 hehe.

    I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like I would love to have a pen pal of sorts to communicate with bounce ideas off from and chat. If you are interested please email me at janellelisa@hotmail.com…..I have questions like….did you just count calories? How many a day? What did you do for exercise and duration?

    I hope to hear from you!

    Be the best biggest loser you can be everyday!

    Lisa J.


  7. Hi Rebecca,

    It's great to hear from you. You so inspired me last challenge. My husband Alex and I did well both losing 30+ pounds. Over the summer we put it all back on except for 6#'s. So we are starting again.

    My ultimate goal has always been 165# as well but I'm shooting for 159 3/4#'s so I can say I'm 150 something. 🙂 I have a very long way to go.

    Would you like to be support/pen pals of sorts? I have lots of questions and could use the support and motivation. If you would please email me at janellelisa@hotmail.com.


    Do you count calories or portion sizes?

    How many calories per day?

    How often to you exercise and dureation?

    I really would love to hear about your road to healthier you.

    Take Care

    Lisa J.


  8. Hi everyone! I have yet to send my pics to Matt either but I am starting at 256. I promise to get those pic to you Matt. How has the first week been for everyone? Could have been better for me but much better than it has in the past.


  9. Lisa J- I am not sure how I got my pic here…that is my wordpress profile pic…not sure how it got translated to Matt's site…unless it is still powered through wordpress…basically, I did nothing to make it show up that I am aware of.

    check out my blog to see m y current weight and see what I do for exercise. The biggest thing right now is running and biking though…I am always changing it up but ultimately, I am training for a 10K on Thanksgiving then another one Dec 12th with my brother. And next year some triathlons…


  10. Wow Kim!!! That is awesome. You are doing so good.

    Lisa, I take in 500 less calories than I need to maintain my weight everyday and I run, walk, or bike 5 days a week. It works for me.

    My first week has not been as good as it should have been but I had some unexpected stuff come up. I lost my 1% so I done okay. I was just hoping to start with a bigger number. A loss is always good and I will always take that over a gain. 🙂


  11. Hey everyone! Yeah, there's a lot of familiar faces back in it, and some new ones, too! : ) Should be fun!

    The pics next to your comments are from gravatar; if you sign up for an account then you can pick an avatar or upload one of your own. It works across all wordpress blogs, not just mine. : )


  12. Hi Leisia,

    Thanks for the info. Good job Leisia!!!!!

    Alex (my husband) and I had pretty good first weeks. We both also made the 1% group!!

    Goal this week and challenge is to find CONSISTENCY….I have been on a ROLLER coaster of ups and downs – losses and gains for 20 years. ANYONE have any ideas they would like to share?

    I am very thankful for you Matt and everyone on here to keep us striving to find a healthy life!

    Look forward to the results!

    Lisa J.


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