Challenge Weigh In

tending the temple challenge

Wow – I should have posted this reminder this morning!  Today is weigh in day!  You don’t have to send in photos or anything like that; I just need your current weight and your name!  There are about 24 of you in the challenge, so we’ve got a game!  If you meant to sign up and you haven’t yet, it’s not too late – just send your info to me!

I love all the discussion!  You guys are awesome!  I feel bad that I’ve been unplugged the last week – it was crazy at the church and home, and I just wasn’t around my computer enough!  I’ll post the results of the weekly weigh in tomorrow night!  Email your current weights to me at

9 thoughts on “Challenge Weigh In

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Alex and I weighed in and we had a good first week. The goal is to find consistency and not a ROLLER coaster ride like the past.

    Any and all suggestions we are open to !

    Have a super night – look forward to the results tomorrow!!!!

    Lisa J.


  2. I love the group of people in this season's biggest loser show. They are so caring…all except that one that is with coach that keeps making all the crazy decisions. I don't understand why she is being so selfish. She should at least ask coach before making these decision on her own.


  3. Okay, you guys are going to hate me … all of the results are on my laptop, which I forgot at the office (I just got home and realized!)! I'm sorry!!! I'll post them first thing in the morning when I get to work!!!


  4. Oh Matt!!! Silly Pastor! I am good with it! Can't speak for the others but hey, what are they gonna do, short of driving to Boothbay oh wait I mean Brandywine Valley and waiting till you show up at church in the morning to beat ya down or something! We will survive!!! (ok now that song is in my head!)


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