Challenge week one results!

tending the temple challenge

At long last, I’m posting the results!  We had a great first week, people!  The 20 of you that reported in out of the 24 competitors (if you forgot to send it in, it’s not too late – send it on over!) managed together to lose over 70 pounds!  Awesome!

Having said that, let me give you a heads up … some people have amazing first week results and then are startled when their second, third, fourth week results and so forth don’t match that initial surge.  Here’s the deal: only some of that big drop was fat loss.  Most of it was water weight; which is fun to see on the scale, but don’t think you’re a failure if you can bring in that number every week.  Basically, all those unhealthy, salty, high carb, junk foods that we eat when we’re not in diet mode (the stuff that gets us to the point of needing a diet) causes our bodies to retain extra water weight.  When you clean up your diet and start eating healthy, your body lets go of that water weight – it’s why within days of eating better you start feeling more energetic, your mood can improve, your health overall takes a jump.  Enjoy it!  Its a good sign!

On to the results!  Because of some of those big drops, the first week of a competition I always leave off the percentages because it can be overwhelming to some people!  Our biggest loser of the week was Lisa J!  Right behind her was Joshua J and Scott T!  You three ROCKED it this week!  Awesome job!

Our weekly hall of fame (people who lost 1% or more) includes (in no particular order): Mat O, Alex J, Cheryl C, Mary C, Matt M, Lorwen G, Betsy T, and Leisia J!  You guys are amazing!

Keep it up!  We’re off to a great start!

13 thoughts on “Challenge week one results!

  1. Way to go people! I didn't post my results, I should have. But it's "that" time of month for me and I ALWAYS retain water and extra weight on this week. I hate it! So I'm being stubborn and not posting my results. 🙂



  2. Great job Lisa J and 1%er's

    Rebecca you should still send in your weight. I gained this week but I still sent Matt my results. Grant you it wasn't much of a gain but I felt I needed to do it.

    I am hoping to step it up this week. I have been lost lately.


  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited to be the BIGGEST LOSER (for the very first time in my life!) I just can't believe it!!!!! Thank you Matt for this challenge and everyone on here for encouragement.

    My husband Alex J. made the "hall of fame"! Go baby.

    Rebecca and Karla hang in there….just think this week is going to be your week…you will lose all that water weight, etc and you will be the Biggest Losers! Go for it. You inspire me by not giving up.

    Last BL episode….hit me about competition and I remember Bob saying something about …"..gamers don't keep the weight off it's those who finish no matter if they win or not.." that really hit home. Then one of the contestants said.."… we are all here because we can never finish what we start.." WOW that really hit home! I always seem to start things off with a bang but never finish or follow through to the end. Great things to think about this week.

    So we ALL have to work it each week and "Finish what we start (FWWS)".

    All the best!

    Lisa J.


  4. I too am having that time, and managed to lose 1, which leaves me hopeful for next week, if I don't screw up.

    My friend said this to me this week as I was really frustrated by a 1 lb loss and before I figured out why…:-)

    "While we know that God doesn't work like an ATM, you have sown mightily and so shall reap mightily (if you do not grow weary)!"

    He was referencing a verse in teh Bible that talks about reaping and sowing…I have known about that verse for a long time, but never noticed that the harvest comes if "we do not grow weary"…that has struck me hugely, because often I don't see the fruits of my hard work because I get tired of the fight and give up in weariness…not this time folks…it has been a year of hard work…I am not losing it now!

    Have a great week!


  5. Hi Shawn,

    What is your goal for the week?

    My goal is 4 this week….it's a stretch after a huge number this week but it's a goal I'm working towards.




  6. I didn't realize how hard it would be to jump back an the wagon after falling off. 😦 I must have fell under a wheel. 🙂

    I am determined to have a better week. I know I can do this…we all can.


  7. my goal this week is 2 lbs. I'll be excited by more, but I've realized I tend to overshoot and then become disappointed when I don't achieve. Although.. baby steps have added up to a 30 lbs. loss.. so… I'm saying 2 lbs… . Currently 254 due to going back to work and having high stress… I've ID'd that I"m eating at night due to stressing out.. which also prevents weigh loss!!!! Still happy to be trying to find a consignment shop for all of my 22/24's as they are too big! yah! loving the size 18 thing! Sad I invested so much $ in the past 3 years on clothes…apparently,, I have a slight addiction. Anyone else found a way to earn a few buck for their clothes? Most are still on the cleaner's hangers! Tara Z


  8. Hey guys, sounds like the goals are pretty reasonable! : ) I always tell women to expect to lose 1-2 lbs a week if they're counting calories, and 2-3 lbs a week if they're counting calories AND exercising; for guys it's 2-3 lbs a week if they count calories, 2-4 lbs a week if they count calories AND exercise. You can do it!!!


  9. Hi guys,,Hey Matthew if it is not to late to join in officially I would like to. My camera did not like communicating with my computer so I had to wait to join in till my daughter came home to visit from college…I have lost 5 unoffical pounds already..I am sending my pictures i now.


  10. I hope everyone had a healthier weekend than I did. It is so hard to eat right when my husband and daughter are home during the day. I am having a hard time finding that will-power I used to have so much of. I wish they would be a little more supportive of my efforts. I know I have to take the blame for what I put into my mouth, I am just going to have to put my foot down and be stronger.

    Have a good healthy monday everyone!!! 🙂


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