Wow, I just looked at my recent blog posts and they’re all either weight loss challenge or student ministry related!  Not cool! Somewhere in Maine my mom is getting bitter that I’m not talking about my kids!

Speaking of which, my little 14 month old nitwit son Zachary is getting way too smart for his own good.  Yesterday, I caught him carrying a milk crate around so he could use it as a stool to get stuff we put out of his reach!  Seriously.  This way he can mess with the TV, the table, sharp objects … awesome.  He’s also talking now; just a handful of words, but its’ fun!

Micah, Caleb and Noah are lego building mad men.  They’ve managed to take over our entire living room.  Apparently it’s the optimal lego building location, as opposed to their bedrooms or the family room.  Roads, houses, lego dudes, all over the floor … which is not cool when I step on one, but it’s fun seeing them working together (most of the time).

We’re a few weeks away from Micah’s eighth birthday and Heather and my ninth anniversary (yup, he was born a couple days before our first anniversary).  Seriously?  Time flies!

My iPod break has been going well; I’ve been reading like crazy!  In just the first week and a half I ripped through three books.  I miss the iPod, but not as much as I thought I would.

Shows I think are cool … Community, Flash Forward, Modern Family

Shows I still love … Heroes, Warehouse 13, The Office (but it started pretty weak for me this season)

Shows that didn’t start great but I’m still watching … Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Recreation

I’m outta here!

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