Can I be selfish?


I just sent in my latest column (woo-hoo!) and realized I hadn’t posted this one yet!  If you don’t know, I have a column in The Journal of Student Ministries, a great magazine for youth workers and youth ministry volunteers!  It’s entitled ‘Tending the Temple,’ and it’s something I’ve been writing for a few years now – which I love doing!  Anyway, here’s the intro, click the link at the end to get the rest, and then let me know what you think!

Can I be selfish?

There are certain themes repeated over and over, season after season, on NBC’s The Biggest Loser weight-loss reality show. One of those themes used to really rub me wrong way the idea that contestants like me needed to put ourselves first, to make ourselves the priority, and to stop worrying so much about others.

We were literally told to be selfish, that it was “our turn now.” To my ears that sounded like such an un-Christian and un-pastoral value, something of the world and reality TV— and certainly not of God. And I just didn’t get its connection to weight loss. Why couldn’t I be selfless and healthy at the same time?

Can I be selfish? – Journal of Student Ministries, Summer issue, 2009

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