Fiber One Pancake mix

This morning I made pancakes for the boys – partially because it would be fun and partially because I’ve been dying to try Fiber One’s pancake mix!  In a word, it’s GREAT.  We all loved it; and it was very easy to make with it being a ‘just add water’ mix.  The flavor is really good, but the real selling point, of course, is the dietary fiber.  Why?  Most Americans get far less fiber in their daily diet than what our bodies need.  Not only that, but dietary fiber takes a long time to digest, so for those of us trying to manage our appetites, that’s a crucial ingredient.  The longer I feel full, the better for my appetite and portion control.  Finally, to top it off we used Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar free syrup; it’s only 20 calories per quarter cup (versus the 100+ calories that a regular syrup would be), and no one could taste the difference!

Breakfast is a critical meal; it really can set the tone for your portion control throughout the day, as well as impact your energy level and mood.  I’m a huge fan of both Fiber One and Kashi brand breakfast products.  What about you?

3 thoughts on “Fiber One Pancake mix

  1. I do like the Fiber One Granola bars…the peanut butter and oats…the only drawback is they tend to make me "gassy"…anyone else notice that? Do the pancakes have the same effect?


  2. Yeah … that can be a consequence of having too much fiber, or all your daily allotment at once instead of through out the day. Personally, I think as it gets colder that it's a great secondary source of hot air, though …


  3. The warmth is nice…especially with these colder temps coming…but (pardon the pun) the smells associated are not as welcomed.

    I have found to eat Fiber One products in moderation and watch how much a day is consumed.


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