Party at the Nutthouse

jr high 2

Last night was a fun night!  We invited middle school students from our church to come over, play some games and watch a movie with us!  We ended up with 21 kids showing up, which translated to us going through a ton of soda, chips, cookies and hot dogs!  We played some Monopoly, Risk, Xbox 360, and the Wii, as well as watched ‘Monsters vs. Aliens.’  All in all, a fun night to hang out with some of my favorite people!  My sons were all super excited to have them over – they love playing with the teens and tweens!

I’m not quite sure what all the neighbors thought of the noise, though!  It’s funny, we’ve already had a couple neighbors mystified that we’ve only lived here a couple months yet seem to know a ton of people – between youth leader nights at our house, inviting the senior high over, the middle school, and Caleb’s birthday party, there have been a bunch of big groups here in the two months or so we’ve lived here!

jr high 1

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