Sunday report (October 11th)

We’re counting down on the Sundays left at Pilot School! Only two more and then on November 1st, we reclaim and reoccupy the gym! I can’t wait – the last time I got to teach in their on a Sunday morning was way back when I was candidating for the youth pastor position!

This week the senior high began a three week series on Doubt from Simply Youth Ministry. Chris Z taught and the topic of the day was the question ‘what is doubt?’ The key passage of scripture was Mark 9:21-27. Doubt in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact it’s normal and can often times help us to strengthen our faith and grow as followers of Christ as we work our way through it. Here are some follow up questions from the lesson that parents can use with their kids during the week:

  • How does it make you feel that people in the Bible struggled with doubt?
  • One of the biggest things we doubt as Christians is our ability to talk to our friends about Jesus, but why? What other doubts do you have about living a life that pleases God?
  • What are ways that you see doubt increasing your faith?

I was with the junior high this week and gave a talk on giving to God. Our primary passage of scripture was Acts 4:32-5:11, with a focus on giving as worship. We talked a little bit about Ananias and Sapphira and how their sin was not in their giving or the amount of their gift to the church, but in lying to God with their worship. We also used a page from Mark Oestreicher’s Wild Truth Journal: Dares from Jesus for some discussion about giving to God as worship – the kids came up with some amazing responses to what they could give to God! Some of the examples they came up with were service, love, friendship (I love when kids think of friendship as something they can give to God!), time, and money. Here are some follow up questions from that for parents to use with their kids this week:

  • Read Luke 21:2-4. Ask your child why the widow’s gift was so significant.
  • What kinds of things can a middle school student give that would be a sacrifice? (not just money)
  • What are three things you could give up for God that would be a sacrifice? Which one will you do this week?

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