New weight loss show casting NOW!

Hey everyone, I saw that Holland Stripland, one of the casting directors for Biggest Loser, left the following as a comment in the casting tips blog post – but I thought it deserves its own post so here it is!  Good luck!


Hi Everyone!! Long time no post :)

I hope everyone is enjoying BL8!! The cast is amazing, if I do say so myself :)

I am hoping some of you will be interested in the brand new show i’m casting as well. It’s completely UNRELATED to BL, 3Ball Productions, or NBC so PLEASE DO NOT contact anyone from those companies about this new show!! I freelance as a casting director so when BL isn’t casting I move on to other shows. It just so happens that this new show is about weight loss also!

Here is the info. Please follow instructions and send all questions to me via email because I may not be able to check this blog daily, k?

Holland Striplin, Casting Director for the huge hit shows “The Biggest Loser (NBC – Tuesdays 8/7c)” & “DietTribe 2 (Lifetime – Fridays 9/8c)” is now casting a NEW WEIGHT LOSS show where YOU and a PARTNER can LOSE WEIGHT & GET RICH for losing it!!!

Are you ready to change your life?
Do you and a friend have a combined total of at least 100 pounds to shed? (Each can have any amount to lose as long as the total between the two of you is 100+ to lose)
Are you willing to BET on yourself to compete for BIG MONEY on national TV?

If you said “YES, YES, YES”, then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and audition for this new competition weight loss show.

A hit cable network is looking for teams of two who are a combined 100 pounds or more overweight to compete to be the first team to lose 100 pounds with the help of top health professionals and fitness experts. Studies have shown that financial incentives give a better chance at successfully losing weight and we want to see you succeed. Teams will have a chance to bet their own money, banking on their ability to lose the pounds. So ante up and get ready to be RICH and THIN!!!!

If you and a friend, spouse, family member or co-worker think you have the dedication, drive and determination to finally lose the weight, then email me HOLLAND@ICONICCASTING.COM

I need the following information. If I do not receive ALL of this information in ONE email from you then your submission will be DISCARDED! Again, please send YOUR and YOUR PARTNERS info in the SAME EMAIL!!!

Please include EACH of your:

Cities and States where you live
Contact phone numbers
Email for each of you
Each of your Current Height/Weight
Tell us about your relationship with one another
Attach a current photo of the two of you (can be together or separate)

Characters welcome. Must be over 18 years of age to apply and a US Citizen.

**If you have further questions then please email me back or refer to my “discussion” about this show on my Facebook Fan Page. You can find the fan page by searching “Master Caster” in the Facebook search box. Please add me there as I only add close personal friends to my personal FB page


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