Weigh in day!

tending the temple challenge

Don’t forget, today is weigh  in day!  If you’re participating in the challenge, get your weights to me today (McNuttBlog@gmail.com)!

Question for the day …

Who do you think is going to win this season of Biggest Loser?  Who’s your favorite?  Who will have the most shocking transformation at the end?  Predictions!

4 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. Matthew…will have to get my weigh-in tomorrow…been on vacation and no scale here. I have been able to use the exercise room here and am looking forward to seeing how things went.

    My favorite for The Biggest Loser is Rudy…reminds me of Roger from a couple seasons ago. Can't believe Tracey got through after tonight.


  2. My fave is Liz because she is a fireball. Not to mention- she is from Tennessee, that is where I am from too. Tracy better watch out because no truer statement has been said than what was said last night. Southern girls get even, and Tracy has pushed Liz to her limit. I hope Liz or Danielle win this season.


  3. Where is everyone? It is getting lonely on here. Am I missing something?

    It has been raining here for so long and it is so dreary. I just want a couple of weeks without rain. If this rain follows us into the winter this is going to be a very snow-filled winter. It is so hard to want to do anything when it is so dreary for weeks on end.


  4. Hey guys. I keep forgetting to check over here! I had a good week.. lost 1lb a loss is a loss. I finally am getting back into exercise so that should help for next week.

    I really like everyone on the show except Tracy.. I favor Rebecca because she is from my town.


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