FREE sermon series at SYM

Sweet!  From October 28th-30th, Simply Youth Ministry has an awesome freebie: an entire four week sermon series by Doug Fields!  Click here to find it!  Here’s the description from their online catalog:

This is a 4 week downloadable message transcript series. Included in this file are 4 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines. Students face temptation every day. Whether it’s sex, drugs, partying, smoking, bad language, cheating, or whatever their particular weakness is, temptation is an unavoidable reality of life. However, you can use this 4-week series to show them that temptation itself is not the problem; it’s their response to it that can either drag them down or build their character. Use this series to equip them with the tools they’ll need to face their temptations and come out stronger for it.

Week 1 – When Temptation Wins

When we get caught in temptation and give in, we feel like losers. This is true for everybody, Christian or non-Christian. This message shows your students what happens when temptation wins and gives them the tools to avoid getting caught up in it. Giving in to temptation robs us of our confidence and leads to bigger problems, but by learning to say “NO” to it, we will grow spiritually and develop character.

Week 2 – Sexual Temptations

This week, your students might get a little wild because we’re talking about the big one— sexual temptation. Although they may feel they are the only one to be tempted this way, you can assure them they’re not. The truth is we all have sexual desires because we were all created for oneness with another. Use this message to help them see the higher purpose of sex and give them 10 steps to help them BEFORE they have gone too far.

Week 3 – How Not To Give In To Fit In

One of the biggest reasons we yield to temptation is our desire to fit in with those around us. We are looking for acceptance and belonging, and we will often do things we don’t want in order to get it. This message shows your students how they can get those needs met to a small degree by their “friends” or get it in abundance from the God who loves them based on who they are (His creation), not their performance.

Week 4 – Saying No To Temptation

One of the reasons temptation is so tempting is that it seeks to fulfill a genuine need; it just does so in a harmful way. When your students can recognize the source of the temptation and know they are not alone, they can begin to see the hidden pitfalls involved and run from it. This message even features a 3-step acrostic for “run” as a handy mnemonic device in addition to the strong Biblical teaching and humorous anecdotes you have come to expect.

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