Challenge week seven results

tending the temple challenge

Week seven?  Oops, it’s almost time to weigh in and get the results for week eight!  I’m really sorry, guys – I had a middle school all nighter on Friday night that pretty much consumed my week up until it happened … and I’ve been out of it since!

Our Biggest Loser for the week, with an amazing 2.25% loss, is Tracy W!  Great job with breaking the 2% mark!!!

Our Hall of Fame includes two others that lost 1% or more this week; Sean W lost an impressive 1.51% and Leisia lost an even 1%!  Way to go!

I’ll be on it faster this week guys, I promise!  Weigh in day is TOMORROW!  : )

4 thoughts on “Challenge week seven results

  1. This challenge is nothing like the last one. Where is everyone? I miss all the support and advice. That all made it so much easier last time.

    Matt, How many are competing in this challenge?


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