Challenge week eight results

tending the temple challenge

Week eight!  We’re officially two thirds of the way through!  You guys are amazing!  Time to power through the holidays – it can be done!

Our Biggest Loser for the week, with an amazing 1.26% loss, is Mary C!  Way to go!

We didn’t have any one else over 1% this week, so instead of a Hall of Fame, I’ll clue you in to the next two highest losers instead: Loren G and Julia P!  You guys did a tremendous job!  Keep it up!

If you are one of the ones that forgot to send in weights, you can still send ‘em in!  And in case you forgot, here’s what you’re competing for:

prize package

Our big prize is the Cheryl Forberg’s book, ‘Positively Ageless’!  She’s the official nutritionist for NBC’s Biggest Loser – she plays a huge part in the weight loss of all the contestants, from every season!  She donated an autographed copy of the book (a $21.95 value) to our winner!  Also by Cheryl Forberg, we have the ‘Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter’ ($7.95).  Rounding out our weight loss themed prizes, we also have a copy of my book, ‘Destination Transformation’ ($14.95).  We also have some youth ministry related prizes!  ‘The Youth Worker Book of Hope,’ a book I helped write ($12.99), ‘Youth Ministry Training on the Go’ ($29.99), ‘Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry’ ($14.99), Race This volume 2 ($39.00), and ‘Power Play volume 5′ ($18.99)!  The total value is just over $160!  Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Challenge week eight results

  1. Well, I said I was going to have a better week. It seems like everytime I get back on track something else happens to knock me off again. I don't know what is going on with me. I had bronchitis last week and now what I thought was a cold sore on my lip is swelled up like some kinda alien bee stung me 100's of times. Not only is it my lip….my face is swelling–omg!!! I am so mad, all I want to do is count calories and exercise and have a normal life around here. My eye hurts and now I am sitting here wondering if I am going to lose sight in my right eye because this is weird and it hasn't never happened to me before.

    I really have tried to compete in this challenge and I wanted to really be hard competition to beat. They say "when it rains- it pours" (maybe that is just a southern saying?) and it really does. Sorry guys, I needed to vent.


  2. I've not really had the time to report as much as times past. We've made some major decisions and have decided to move and are now looking at house plans to possibly build…sold one house, signed a lease on anohter in the interm. I've been swamped at work and juggling a lot of balls. However..I've had consistent loss, sometimes 5 lbs, other times1… I'll take it. 'm only 10 lbs way from prepregnancy days so it's all good. After that goal is reached.. it's 45 lbs to goal weight. So…Matt, thanks for giving us a place to post. sorry I can't be more supportive of others right now.. trying to make it though the wind tunnel…….

    Hope you're all well and havng sucessful weeks. t


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