Avatar (minor spoilers)

Heather and I went to see James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ last night … WOW.

The story line was interesting; I loved the concept of a literally living and possibly sentient planet.  I’m hoping that gets explored more so in the sequels (I saw an interview the other day where Cameron claimed he intends this to be the first in a trilogy, it just depends on it making the bucks).  I also liked the transformation of the main character from a mercenary soldier who doesn’t care about anything to the caring leader willing to risk it all for others.  No, it’s not the most original plot line in cinema, but it’s the whole experience that defines this movie.

Here’s the thing, it was literally an awe inspiring experience to see this film in 3D.  The beauty of Pandora, the world of Avatar, is simply incredible.  Absolutely magical.  I was blown away over and over.  What I loved about the use of 3D as well was that Cameron didn’t go for the cheap gimmick – throwing things at the screen, etc.  Instead, it was a subtle depth that only increased the magic of the film.  The flight scenes, battles, explorations – all of it was incredible.  Even though most of the film is animated, it didn’t seem like it at all.

I don’t know that Avatar redefines movie making or anything like that, but it certainly raises the bar to a whole new level in a way that only a few films have.  All that to say, I loved it!  And I’m very much looking forward to the extended DVD edition (James Cameron said there’s at least 12 minutes of movie that was cut that he will reinsert for the DVD release – sweet!)!

One thought on “Avatar (minor spoilers)

  1. Great analysis. I did not realize the majority of the movie was animated until you mentioned it. That is how breathtaking the movie is. It was great how the main character discovered the planet and took us on the same journey.

    I also agree that I don't know if it redefines movies because I do not know if other movies can use the technology in a similarly great fashion.

    It is a MUST see. You eyes have never seen stuff like what is in this film. This is like like the Matrix which I saw like 7 times when it came out because the story and effects were so amazingly NEW but it is a MUST see AT the movies and in 3D (I saw it in IMax 3D and you may not need to see it in imax but 3D is a must).

    Just an awesome film.


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