What is Brief Relief?

What is Brief Relief?  It’s a band night that we hold every year on December 30th with our student ministry at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church!  We had it last night and it was AMAZING!  You can check out the video below, and the photos here.  Basically, it’s a benefit concert for local homeless ministries like Sojourners’ Place and Sunday Breakfast Mission.  We get local bands from the different high schools to come play for free – they’re usually pumped because we get a decent size crowd (230 last night), and then we set up two stages so while one band is playing on one, the next band can be setting up on the other stage – cuts out the down time between bands.  We charge five bucks to get in, or a package of men’s underwear (get it? ‘Brief Relief’?).  Why underwear?  It’s actually an important need for homeless men; shelters receive a lot of clothing donations … other than underwear!  So a few years back, when the former youth pastor heard that, Brief Relief was born!  All in all, it’s a great event that’s a lot of fun, and also serves a bigger purpose!  In addition to the fund raising, we also had a guest speaker from Sunday Breakfast Mission last night that did an awesome job – you can see him in the video below at the six minute mark.


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