Controversial commercial?

With all the provocative commercials that aired yesterday during the Superbowl (I lost count of how many times I had to turn the channel to protect my kids’ eyes), it’s hard to believe that this is the one that created controversy!  It’s a commercial about Tim Tebow, the football player, and his family, put together by Focus on the Family.  It’s a pro-life commercial, which is what offended so many.  For me, I think I’m more offended that people would be upset about this commercial more so than the enormous amount of innuendo, semi-nudity, violence and more that happened during this annual ‘family event.’  Oh well!  Find out more about Tim Tebow here; it’s actually an amazing story about a family being told over an over that they should abort their unhealthy baby, but who instead choose life.

3 thoughts on “Controversial commercial?

  1. Hi there loved the commercial and you are right there are so many other commercials that aren't even appropriate for a kid to watch there was nothing at all wrong with this one! I am also an adult who thank God my mom was determined to have me when she was expecting me! My mom was told by doctors to abort me that I wouldn't make it, I wouldn't live, she wouldn't live. They told her she had cancer and given the fact that she had 4 miscarriages and 1 baby that died between my brother and I that she would be lucky if I weighed 5 pounds and could breath on my own! Mama told them do what test you need to see if I have the cancer I will not abort my baby if he or she is meant to be she or he will be. They told her she could die if she had me my dad of course was scared and I don't blame him one bit for him even asking if she would sign the papers I love my dad to this day more than anything I know he was just worried about the woman he loved and after losing so many he didn't want to lose her and me all in one swoop. But he stood by mama's choice to have me. Much to a room full of doctors amazement I was born on August 12, 1974 breathing perfectly fine weighing over 8lbs I was healthy and so was my mama there was no cancer and she had faith in the both of us to make it through and that we did.


  2. I hear you Matt. I simply don't get it. I'm mean sure, if someone like Fred Phelps raised $2mil to spout a hate-filled ad, I'd understand the outrage. But, this? Really? Am I missing something?


  3. Part of my thing with it is that it's not even a heavy handed pro-life message – you wouldn't even know it except for the tagline at the end. I got the rest of their story at the Focus on the Family website. All things considered, I thought it was a great way of creating interest on a topic that tends to illicit a lot of passion, without being heavy handed.


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